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Tips for Submitting a Strong Application

A panel of judges will review your application for consideration for the Restaurant Neighbor Award and the Faces of Diversity award. How can you get your submission to stand out among the hundreds submitted? Follow these tips below:

  1. Tell a story. If you are nominating a restaurant on its behalf, share your personal stories or connections about the work it is doing and the people it is helping. Share a problem the restaurant is helping to solve. If you are applying for the American Dream award, tell your personal story of success, sharing any struggles and successes you’ve had in your career
  2. Focus on one project. Concentrate the application on one specific community outreach project. You can add information about additional ways you support the community but focus on the program or project that has the greatest impact.
  3. Include news stories and letters of support. Newspaper articles, blogs, etc. about the restaurant’s community involvement or letters of support from the people that have been helped are always very compelling.  
  4. Less is more. Include only materials that are relevant to the application and to the community-outreach project. Do not send menus or promotional items that do not pertain to the community outreach program.